IT services

In this day and age, technology is increasingly important and without good IT systems you could lose thousands, if not millions of dollars depending on the size of your business. While it’s okay to manage your IT services yourself for your home computer or computers, if you’re running a  business you need to employ the services of external IT agencies to manage your IT services for you. Firstly there’s absolutely no need to have an internal IT department. It could also cost you a lot of money that you could spend on other areas of your business.

By outsourcing your IT services to an external agency you’re future proofing your business because they are professionals in their field. They have specialised knowledge that the average person doesn’t, and it’s not worth the risk to do it yourself. They can build IT infrastructure specific to your business and you’ll therefore have the best IT services that money can buy. They are highly trained in their field. If suddenly you don’t need them then you won’t be paying the wages for staff that simply aren’t needed. You can either choose to have an IT provider on a retainer (monthly fee) or pay for the service as you need it. Contact Urban Digital Co and we can discuss the best plan for your business’s requirements, so you’ll get the best bang for your buck. We’re committed to ensuring that you get value for money and the reality is that you won’t if you have an internal IT department if you only need the IT services when something goes wrong. Utilising an offsite IT service provider for your IT services also means that you will save on office space and equipment so that also saves you more money. that you could divert to other areas of your business.

IT companies specialise in IT services and that also means that they have access to the best software and hardware that money can buy. It is often software and hardware that the average company cannot afford. Their security systems are much better than the average company’s security systems because all of their clients, sometimes in the hundreds, if not thousands, are relying on their IT infrastructure to be the best that money can buy. That reduces the risk that your your network will be hacked into and further minimises the likelihood that you’ll be the victim of a data leak or other cyber crimes such as fraud which can further give your clients confidence that they can trust your services.

We regularly monitor the IT systems of our clients so we can solve a potential issue before it becomes a major problem. That saves you the risk that you will have any network downtime. Network downtime can also be expensive for businesses and can stop your staff being able to do their job, or your customers being able to purchase your products. When customers can’t purchase your products they’ll go to your competitor and that also costs you. It’s just not worth the risk. Aside from not being worth the risk, we can identify hazards and improve your operations.

Our IT services come in different packages.  You can choose the one that best services your needs. For example, we can offer a package where you only pay for our services when you have an issue, or you can choose to utilise our services as a managed service provider. This is a better option if you have constant IT requirements and needs.  We’ll manage your entire IT services including hardware and software.

This means that if you’re looking at new software we’ll recommend the best solution based on what you tell us about your business. We’re particularly proficient in providing advice about Office 365. Did you know that there’s different Office 365 packages? One size doesn’t fit all and therefore it’s important to speak to an IT specialist who deals with the suite of products everyday. We can recommend the best package to suit your needs. To do this we will ask you questions about your business and assess your answers in line with the different Office 365 plans. That will take the pain of choosing a package away and you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve got the best deal for your needs. In addition to helping you choose the best package to suit your needs, we will help you with any problems you have or give you advice and answer any questions should you have any. Most people don’t know that Office 365 had many programs outside of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but you may not need all the programs. You may only need a couple. We’ll determine that based on what you tell us about your daily business operations. We can also help you choose if you just want a web based or mobile version as well. A mobile version has many benefits that our team of experts can talk to you about.

Small businesses have better things to do with their time than think about their IT systems and many of them just want a set and forget system. When you outsource your IT services to us that is exactly what you will but we won’t forget about you because we constantly monitor your network and will regularly communicate with you if we identify any weaknesses or we need to do a change or upgrade. Think of an outsourced IT service provider as an extension of your business that is outside of your office. We treat our job for you as though we’re employed directly and we are customer focused. Ensuring that you are satisfied and happy is our specialisation and what we pride ourselves on.

If you’ve never had an IT services provider and you don’t know what it would mean for your business or how much it could cost, simply pick up the phone and give us a call and we’ll be happy to go through it all with you and explain the entire process. We’re passionate about IT services and we’re focused on customer satisfaction at all times.